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Weight Management Test

The Weight Management test is an innovative and comprehensive genetic test for personalizing diet, wellness, and weight loss planning, analyzing both genetic factors and other relevant patient characteristics.

Who would benefit from this test?

• Wants to understand how their genetics affect their body weight.

• Would like to have the optimal diet plan according to their body characteristics.

• Have tried different diet plans with little to no success.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Contact your Elixium Specialist to order the Weight Management test.

Step 2

Fill out the online questionnaire forms provided by Elixium through your patient portal.

Step 3

Your DNA sample is collected with a gentle cheek swab. This process takes about a minute.

Step 4

Results received 5-7 days after receipt of your sample and review them with Elixium specialist.

Benefits of Performing the Weight Management Test

• Personalized diet plan You will receive a diet plan taking account of more than 850 foods exclusively designed to help you reach your goals.

• Genetic factors explanation By analyzing 363 genetic variations, you will receive a complete report that will help you understand your body better and how to provide it with the right nutrients.

• Specialist support Your nutritionist or healthcare provider will now have a deeper understanding of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your body weight and diet.

• Once in a lifetime test Your genetic results will not change during your life.

Weight Management Test Sample Report

“Genetic factors determine between 40% - 70% of an individual’s BMI.”

Image by Tim Marshall
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